GOP Congressman Want Biden To Beat Trump

Steve Bannon, former campaign manager for Donald Trump and now a podcaster on Real America’s Voice, voiced criticism toward House Republicans on his “War Room” podcast, suggesting they secretly want Trump to lose to Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential election. During his Monday episode, Bannon specifically criticized House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan for failing to investigate the prosecutors who have charged Trump.



Bannon accused Jordan of not taking action against Fani Willis in Georgia or Letitia James in New York, questioning why no hearings or investigations had been launched to challenge their prosecutions of Trump. He indicated that this lack of action reflected a broader indifference among some House Republicans toward Trump’s political fate.

Bannon said, “They don’t really have Trump’s back. They want MAGA to go away. They want Trump to be defeated in November. Yes, yes, I know I said the quiet part out loud.” He urged Jordan to go beyond performative actions like appearing on television shows and sending tweets, emphasizing that real support for Trump in the Republican ranks was lacking.

Throughout the podcast, Bannon repeatedly stressed the importance of taking more aggressive action in support of Trump. He mentioned a “thirty-front war” that encompasses various political and cultural battles across the nation, emphasizing the need for clear understanding and focused effort in these conflicts.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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