GOP Congresswoman Cries After Trump’s Buddy Fired

Donald Trump’s good friend Kevin McCarthy was ousted as House Speaker on Tuesday in a 216-210 vote after Rep. Matt Gaetz filed a Motion to Vacate the Chair. It is noted that McCarthy is now the “shortest serving speaker since 1876.” According to The Guardian, McCarthy is also “the first speaker of the House forced out of the job in US history.”



According to Politico, a group of Republicans were huddled and praying on the House floor after McCarthy was ousted as Speaker.

Republican Rep. Ann Wagner was reportedly crying after McCarthy was ousted.

McCarthy ignored reporters as he walked back to his office.

“Congressman, will you resign? Will you resign? A reporter asked McCarthy as he quietly walked to his office.

Gaetz spoke with reporters after he successfully ousted McCarthy from speakership.

Gaetz said Rep. Scalise would make a great House Speaker.

It has been noted that Trump and his lawyers on Monday spoke to the press outside of a New York City courthouse. It took place after the conclusion of the opening day of the non-jury trial in a civil fraud case brought by Letitia James.

It has been noted that Trump and an attorney for Trump said the judge conceded that the statute of limitations is in effect on transactions that closed prior to 2014, which makes up 80% of the case.

New York Judge Arthur Engoron ruled last Tuesday that Trump and Trump Org. are liable for fraud. The judge also ruled that Mar-a-Lago is worth $18 million.

Donald Trump also blasted the radical judge as he held up a new report from Palm Beach County.

“Why are we trying a case that the appellate division of New York state has just ruled recently that we won 80% of our case and this judge refuses to acknowledge the ruling, which is plain for all to see,” Trump said.

Trump continued, “This rogue judge, a Trump hater… refuses to acknowledge the fact that we won 80% of this case, including the statute of limitations…It just came out a few minutes ago from Palm Beach County…the judge valued Mar-a-Lago at $18 million and it’s worth a billion dollars, maybe $1.5 billion.”

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