GOP Governor Backs Down After Trump Insult On Fox

Neil Cavuto recently read aloud a social media post from Donald Trump criticizing Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt to get his reaction to the former president.



Stitt has endorsed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in the 2024 Republican primary, much to Trump’s chagrin. Appearing on Thursday’s Cavuto Coast to Coast, Stitt was asked about his decision.

“Obviously, Donald Trump not too pleased by that decision,” Cavuto said. “I can go into the specifics, but have you had a chance to talk to Donald Trump about this?”

“No, I have not talked to him about it,” he responded. “And here’s the deal. You know, I voted for Trump in ’16, in 2020, but I really believe Ron DeSantis is the right guy – that, number one, can beat Joe Biden in November. And when he does beat Joe Biden, he can be there for eight years.”

“So just to be clear, Governor, you did not give Donald Trump a heads up that you were going to do this?” the host pressed.

“He knew that I was going to do it,” Stitt answered. “So, one of the senators that we’re close with, both of us had reached out. And so he knew I was going to do it. And then, but no, I did not call him to tell him I was going to make that endorsement.”

Cavuto then cited a Truth Social post by Trump, which appeared on the screen. He read parts of it to the governor.

“So, I guess that might explain his surprise in this endorsement, Governor” Cavuto said, “saying of you – ‘Governor Kevin Stitt of Oklahoma, who I didn’t know very well, called me before his last election and to say he was in big trouble and very much needed my endorsement.’ He went on: ‘Anyway, I gave him my endorsement, he immediately went way up, and won. Now, despite the fact that the DeSanctimonious’ – he’s referring to DeSantis – is losing to Biden and me, Stitt just endorsed him. Wow.’ Bottom line, he’s ticked off. Very ticked off.”

The host asked Stitt for his reaction.

“Yeah. Again, you know, I think that’s the same message he sends when anybody goes that goes against him,” Stitt said. “He says, ‘Hey, I’m the reason that they won.’ He didn’t endorse me the first time, didn’t know who I was in 2018 when I won for governor. But here’s the deal. This is really not about Donald Trump. This is about taking our country back and make sure that we can get into the White House.”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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