GOP Governor Calls Donald Trump An ‘A**hole’

New Hampshire Republican Governor Chris Sununu recently continued making the case for Nikki Haley to be the Republican presidential nominee on Thursday via Mediaite.



Remarkably, Sununu has been among the most vocal opponents of Trump among prominent Republicans; that being said, he has declared his support for the former president should he secure the nomination. Right now, that seems to be an absolute certainty. After serving as governor of South Carolina for eight years, Haley is hoping for a strong showing in the state’s primary on Saturday. There, Trump has a comfortable advantage over her in the polls.

During a Thursday Politico Live event, Sununu refuted the notion that American democracy is in jeopardy. The concern is one that many Democrats have raised after Trump tried to stay in power after losing the 2020 election, culminating in the Jan. 6 insurrection.

Sununu, who said the GOP “won’t be [Trump’s] party forever,” added:

If you’re one of these people who thinks democracy is getting eroded and the institutions are crumbling. Stop. It’s not. This country has gone through hell and back a lot. We had– let’s go all the way back to the Civil War where we were getting completely torn apart. Our institutions stood strong.

We go through World War I and World War II. We go through the racism and segregation of the 60s. You go through a place like 1968, where some of America’s great voices are literally getting assassinated in front of us on television. And people said, “It’s over, America’s done. But we stood, the institutions stood strong. We rallied back. We went through 9/11. We went through a pandemic. The institutions stood strong.

Let me put it a different way. Assholes come and go but America is here to stay.

Trump infamously pressured officials in states he lost in an effort to get them to overturn the results. When that failed, he urged Vice President Mike Pence not the certify the results in Congress as the presiding officer. Pence refused to do so, triggering a riot at the Capitol perpetrated by Trump supporters.

The former president is under indictment in two jurisdictions for his attempt to subvert the election. He also faces criminal charges in two unrelated cases.

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