GOP Governor Calls Trump ‘Danger To Country’

2024 Presidential hopeful Chris Christie recently spoke to the hosts of MSNBC’s Morning Joe when he said that he believes former President Donald Trump is be a danger to America. via Media Ite.



The segment took place on the Tuesday edition of Morning Joe where Mike Barnicle asked Christie point blank if he would vote for Trump if he secured the GOP nomination.

“Going forward, do you think that Donald Trump, off of his record and off of his fake fighting, do you think that he’s a danger to the country in the future? And if by some chance he became the Republican nominee for president, would you vote for the Republican nominee for President?” Barnicle said.

“I’ve said I won’t vote for him. But you know, the fact is that, his problem on the fighting issue, Mike, is that, he fights for himself. He doesn’t fight for our party or for the American people,” Christie replied.

“Do you think he’s a danger to the country?” Barnicle reiterated.

“Well, I don’t want him to be president, so, yeah. I mean, you know, the fact is that he’s a guy who has shown over the course of time, and even more particularly I’d say, Mike, in his post presidency, that he is detached from reality in this respect,” Christie said.

Christie listed Trump’s continued denial of the 2020 election results as a primary reason behind his stance.

“He said this the other day in response to a question when Bret Baier asked him, ‘How are you gonna win back the suburban women voters that you lost in 2020 to Joe Biden?’ And he said, ‘First off, I didn’t lose in 2020.’ So we don’t need a candidate as Republicans who’s gonna continue to look backwards and try to re-fight the 2020 election,” Christie explained.

“I mean, this guy is only about him. Only about him. And to the extent that he ever does anything going forward that’s positive for the country, it’s coincidental,” Christie said.

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