GOP Governor Drops Sad Trump Health Bombshell

Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie recently stated that he is concerned regarding former President Donald Trump’s mental state after the former president’s most recent attack on him via Media Ite.



Trump is currently under indictment in four jurisdictions on charges stemming from his efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election, his retention of government documents after leaving office, and falsifying business records to obscure hush money payments.

Christie made an appearance on Wednesday’s edition of The Balance on Newsmax, where host Eric Bolling pointed to Trump’s comments during a radio interview Trump did earlier in the day.

“Chris Christie and maybe deranged Jack Smith should get together for dinner,” the former president said. “He’s just a crazed lunatic.

Smith is the special counsel who is prosecuting Trump in his federal criminal trials.

“You wanna respond to it?” Bolling told the former New Jersey governor.

“Well, look. I feel bad for Donald. I really do. You know, he’s on there saying that I’m not very smart, that I’m very deranged. Look, he didn’t think that, Eric, in 2018 when he offered me White House chief of staff. He didn’t think that in 2016 when he offered– when he made me chairman of his transition [team]. He didn’t think that in 2017 when he made me chairman of his opioid commission. He didn’t think of that when he offered me secretary of Homeland Security twice, and secretary of Labor.

So, look. I disagree with the things that Donald Trump did in the 2020 election. I disagree with the way he’s conducted himself after the fact. I think it’s bad for the country. I think it’s beneath the office he held. But when he says stuff like that about somebody who you know, supported him in 2016, prepared him for the debates with Hillary Clinton,  supported him in 2020, and prepared him for the debates with Joe Biden, if I was so useless and dumb and deranged, how did all that stuff happen?

It’s sad. He’s under a lot of stress and a lot of pressure, and saying these things makes me really concerned for his mental health.”

Alongside other candidates not named Trump, Christie remains a longshot to win the Republican nomination. National polling and polls of early primary and caucus states show the former president with formidable leads.

Barry Russell
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