GOP Governor Reveals Trump Family ‘Criminal Enterprise’

Former New Jersey governor and 2024 GOP presidential candidate Chris Christie recently took aim at his GOP rivals on Tuesday morning for ignoring former President Donald Trump on the campaign trail via Mediaite.



It has been noted that the conversation began with Morning Joe co-host Willie Geist asking Christie about Trump’s myriad of legal troubles.

“You are a US attorney. You raised the possibility of conviction. I talked to a prominent defense lawyer who said you got nine charges against you might be able to get you off, work a deal. 91? I don’t know about that. So are you are you convinced that he will be convicted of something in all of this?” Geist asked.

“He’s going to be convicted this spring in Washington on the January 6th stuff,” Christie shot back, adding:

And the thing that convinced me of that was Mark Meadows getting a deal. Listen, I was around the White House during that period of time. Mark Meadows was velcroed to Donald Trump’s hip. He was with him every minute of the day. He knows everything that was discussed, everything that was told to Donald Trump about the real results of the election.

Everything that Donald Trump instructed others to do. He knows it. And he’s going to be an objective observer about that. And, you know, with an immunity deal, he has no reason not to tell the absolute truth, which also includes that he engaged in committing crimes as well. And so here we have a criminal enterprise going on the White House, and we want to send this back. I mean, it doesn’t make any sense to me at all. And the only reason that there’s even context for this conversation is because so many people are also dissatisfied with Joe Biden. You’ve got two people, both of whom, in my opinion, quite frankly, are too old for the job, who show signs every day that they’re not up to the job every day. And so the American people sit there and say, look, what are we going to do with this choice? And that’s why I’m out here fighting for this.

It’s not that I had nothing else to do. I had some pretty nice gigs I was doing that were very enjoyable and that were really good for my family.

“But I couldn’t sit by and let this happen,” Christie continued, pivoting to his GOP rivals:

And it bothers me just as much that people were in the race pretending to run for president like run against Donald Trump. And look, when we were at the debate and the one complaint I did have about the last debate was there was not one question about Donald Trump. I’m like, are we pretending that we’re just the only five candidates up here for president and it’s amongst us. The guy who’s 20, 30 points ahead of all of us. We’re not going to even bring him up and talk about him.

I mean, this is the kind of stuff that drives me crazy! And now we’ve got a situation where you’ve got different candidates saying different things depending on what state they’re in. So on the stage, you know, you had Governor Haley talking about we don’t want to be divisive about abortion. Yet, then she goes to Iowa and sits across from Bob Vander Plaats last week and says she’d sign a six week ban on abortion. And you would not? Absolutely not. You know, if I were president, I would not sign a national six week banning abortion.

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