GOP Governor Reveals Trump ‘Witness Tampering’

Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto recentl asked GOP presidential candidate Chris Christie to weigh in on the latest bombshell report from ABC News that Donald Trump’s former long-time assistant voluntarily handed over classified documents to the FBI that she said Trump wrote her “to-do lists” on the back of via Media Ite.



“Governor, we’re just getting reports. This is one from ABC News, I’m sure you’ve heard concerning the classified documents that Donald Trump had in his possession and an assistant who told ABC News that Donald Trump would write to-do lists on some of these classified documents. Your thoughts?” Cavuto asked the former New Jersey governor.

“Well look, this just shows the level of disrespect he was shown for the documents that were created with American men and women in both the military and in our intelligence community, putting their lives on the line to get that information. So the president can be fully briefed,” Christie replied, adding:

But to me Neil, and I’ve read that report, and the worst part of the report is not, believe it or not in my mind, that he did this on the back of classified documents. The worst is when he called that assistant when she was going to go before the grand jury and said, “You don’t know anything about my boxes, my boxes of documents.”

I mean, that is active witness tampering. That’s an act of obstruction of justice. I mean, so if she’s telling the truth. Then we have more evidence that will be presented at the time of trial and this case will be tried. And this is the guy that we want to make our nominee. This is the person we think can beat Joe Biden. He’s going to be spending most of March, all of March and most of April in a federal courthouse in Washington, D.C., defending himself rather than being out on the trail, taking it to Joe Biden.

“We need to nominate someone whose full focus will be on taking it to Joe Biden and defeating him and restoring conservative Republican values to the White House and to governance in Washington,” Christie added, concluding:

“And this is just another example of the drip, drip, drip of information that’s going to come out about irresponsible conduct by Donald Trump that’s going to be used by Democrats and others to take him on if he were the nominee. We need to stop that now. Thank him for his service. Send him back to Mar-a-Lago in Bedminster and get a nominee who can win this race and beat Joe Biden.”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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