GOP Governor Says Trump ‘Won’t Be Able To Vote’ In 2024

According to Mediaite, former Governor Chris Christie, a Republican from New Jersey, made predictions about the potential legal challenges facing Donald Trump if he becomes the Republican nominee for president in 2024. During a conversation with Neil Cavuto on Fox Business Network, Christie expressed his belief that Trump might face a conviction in the January 6th trial in Washington, D.C. According to Christie, Mark Meadows, Trump’s former chief of staff, is expected to testify against him, potentially leading to a conviction.



Christie elaborated on the possible impact of a conviction, noting that it would be different because it wouldn’t be a liberal prosecutor making accusations but rather Trump’s former chief of staff. He emphasized that Meadows, by agreeing to testify, may implicate both himself and Trump in criminal activities. Christie argued that hearing such accusations from a conservative figure like Meadows could have a more significant impact on conservative voters compared to allegations from someone perceived as less aligned with conservative values.

Christie also highlighted the difference in perception when it comes to a conviction by a jury of peers compared to a legal system criticized as having a two-tiered system of justice. He suggested that the jury’s decision could carry more weight with the public, especially conservative voters.

The former governor acknowledged the potential challenges of finding someone willing to stand up to Trump until the legal matters are resolved. Despite these uncertainties, Christie expressed his commitment to remain involved in the political process through the convention.

“Neil, you got to be for something in this country if you’re going to run for public office. Let me tell you what I am for, first and foremost. I’m a constitutionalist. I believe in the Constitution over men and women.”

“But a Constitution says nothing about a convicted felon if it comes to that. ‘Cause he has 97-odd chances to dodge that, but one of them might stick. Then what? What does the constitutionalist say? The Constitution doesn’t say anything about someone…What do you make of that? That’s a possibility,” Cavuto said.

“How about this?” Christie offered. “He’s going to go on trial the day before Super Tuesday. I believe he’s going to be convicted in that January 6th trial in Washington, D.C., predominantly because Mark Meadows, as you know, has signed an agreement — his former chief of staff, one of the founders of the Freedom Caucus — is going to testify against him! He’s going to be convicted. Imagine this: If he’s our nominee, he won’t be able to vote for himself.”

“But, he can be president,” Cavuto countered.

“Yes,” Christie agreed.

“And this is what I talk to other politicos — they’re not steeped in the battle like you are. But, they say, look, if he hasn’t been dinged by all of these indictments, a conviction won’t make a difference. You think it might.”

“I think a conviction is different for two reasons,” Christie said. “One, it won’t be a liberal prosecutor talking about him anymore. It will be his former chief of staff saying he, Mark Meadows, committed crimes — because you wouldn’t need immunity if you hadn’t committed crimes — and that Donald Trump committed crimes on his watch. That’s very different for conservative voters to hear that from Mark Meadows than to hear it from Jack Smith.

“Secondly, it’s a jury of your peers convicting you. Not, again, the two-tiered system of justice that a lot of people are concerned about. I think it will be very different. The question’s gonna be, is there going to be somebody that’s willing to stand up to him until that moment, so that it’s not decided. And, that’s why I said recently, I’m in this through the convention.”

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