GOP Governor Tells Trump: ‘Loser, Get Off Your A..’

It has been noted that Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp pulled no punches on Wednesday when declaring former President Donald Trump the “loser” of the first GOP presidential debate given that he refused to show up via Media Ite.



“I think the Trump campaign is making a big mistake by not being here,” Kemp told the hosts of the Ruthless podcast from outside the debate arena in Milwaukee. “They are my loser tonight.”

Kemp went on to explain his reasoning and further compared Trump to the 2020 Atlanta Falcons, who blew a 25-point Super Bowl lead to end up losing to the New England Patriots.

“I think, you know, being from Georgia, spend a lot of time in Atlanta. I kind of, I feel like they’re in the situation the Falcons were in when the Super Bowl when it was like 28 to 3.”

“Oh, wow. Wow,” said the hosts to laughter.

“You remember what happened, right?” Kemp added.

“You get complacent. You get into prevent defense. You try to start spinning all this stuff instead of just simply answering the tough questions like everybody else behind is going to do tonight. Because you know damn well there’s going to be some tough questions. If you’re as good as you say are. Get your ass on there. Answer the questions. Fight it out,” Kemp concluded.

Kemp had said recently that he would likely testify in Trump’s Georgia trial, has been critical of the former president’s ongoing denial of the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election. Kemp told a conservative gathering in Atlanta last week that the GOP needs to give up focusing on the “stupid things” in order to win in 2024.

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