GOP Senator Reveals ‘Racism’ After Trump Endorsement

Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) recently pushed back on critics in an appearance on Hannity last Friday and argued that those knocking him for his obsequious attitude toward Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump are motivated by racism.



It has been noted that after playing a few clips of various left-of-center commentators criticizing Scott, host Sean Hannity submitted that “there seems to be open season on one group, conservative African-Americans.”

“I’m sure you’re sick and tired of it, because I certainly am. Some of these comments are repulsive,” declared Hannity, teeing up Scott.

“Absolutely, they are vile and disgusting comments coming from the far-left. Sean, the most racist in the country are liberals,” began Scott. He continued:

“The bigotry that comes from the far radical left, it’s just normal these days. Why? Because they’re trying not just to attack me, but they’re trying to make sure that any other minority who will think for themselves and consider the GOP, they want to send a message to every single one of them: Step out of line and we’ll attack you too.

That level of intimidation doesn’t work with me. And to every single African-American, Hispanic, millennial, anybody in the majority population or minority population, if you believe in conservatism, stand up and be counted. If you want to make America the greatest nation on God’s green earth, step into the fire, because we have to save this nation.

We better save it right now, because the radical left, they’re so afraid of people like me, people like you, Sean, thinking for ourselves, speaking out, and speaking the truth, that they will do anything they possibly can to silence the truth.”

“Could it be this? You’re gonna be on any anybody’s short list to be a potential vice president of our country. That’s just a fact,” replied Hannity. “Is this a means of just trying to intimidate you, threaten you, or maybe they’re threatened by you?”

“They are certainly threatened by me. Absolutely, Sean, they’re threatened by me and they’re threatened by people like me,” answered Scott before going on to blast President Joe Biden over a number of issues.

Hannity concluded the interview by making note of Scott’s recent engagement, and calling out the left for “attacking you on that.”

“It’s pretty disgusting, they should be ashamed of themselves,” declared the host.

Notably, Trump alluded to completely speculative rumors that Scott is gay while acknowledging Scott’s engagement last week.

“We never though this was going to happen,” said Trump at a rally in New Hampshire. “What’s going on?”

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