Governor Asked To Replace Biden In Election?

Maryland Democratic Governor Wes Moore dismissed speculation on Wednesday about potentially replacing President Biden as the party’s presidential nominee if Biden cannot continue his campaign. During an interview on “Fox and Friends,” Moore expressed his strong support for Biden, emphasizing his commitment to the President’s re-election.



Moore highlighted the progress Maryland has made under his leadership, citing significant improvements in unemployment rates and reductions in homicide and violent crime rates. He attributed these successes to his partnership with the Biden administration and expressed enthusiasm for another four years with Biden in the White House.

When asked about the possibility of his name being floated as a replacement candidate, Moore reiterated his support for Biden, stating that the President is the best candidate for the presidency and deserves re-election.

Moore is among several Democratic governors, including Gavin Newsom of California and Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, who have been mentioned as potential Biden replacements or future contenders for 2028. However, Moore remains focused on supporting Biden’s current campaign.

Biden is expected to be officially renominated before the August 7 deadline to qualify for the Ohio ballot, with the Democratic National Convention scheduled in Chicago from August 19-22.

Governor Moore, elected in 2022, gained national attention following the March collapse of Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge after a cargo ship collision. The Port of Baltimore’s main shipping channel recently reopened after extensive cleanup efforts, and the state is working on rebuilding the bridge.

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