Greg Gutfeld Shouts About Trump Crimes In Meltdown

It has been noted that ‘The Five’s Jessica Tarlov recently got shouted down by her Fox News co-hosts when trying to discuss the various criminal charges against Donald Trump, prompting her to proclaim via Mediaite, “I think emotion is hot at the table, and it is not emanating from me!”



Tarlov started by pointing the finger at “some folks here” who say it’s “Ok to falsify your business records, to issue false financial statements, to commit conspiracy for insurance fraud.”

“Where’s the fraud?” asked Pirro, referring to Friday’s $355 million judgment against Donald Trump.

Tarlov answered, “You cannot have three sets of books. You can’t have the books for the bankers, so that’s Deutsche Bank, who, yeah, is happy with all this. Then you have your IRS books, and we know that you’re supposed to tell the IRS the truth. And then you have a set of books with the real numbers, I guess, which is what Allen Weisselberg had.”

Pirro shot back, “There were three sets of books — where do you get that from? Where do you get that from, three sets of books?”

“That’s part of what Engoron—

“He’s a lunatic!” Pirro declared about the judge in Trump’s civil fraud suit.

After some unintelligible shouting, Tarlov then went down a laundry list of Trump’s transgressions.

“Since Donald Trump ran the first time, he has been making this argument, ‘If they can do it to me, they can do it to you,’” Tarlov said. “The average person is not inflating their wealth by $800 million to $2 billion. They are not sexually assaulting women, they’re not storing classified documents in the toilet, they’re not fomenting an insurrection.”

Pirro went on to take exception before Greg Gutfeld interjected, “Let’s focus on this case! No, no, no!” he shouted over Tarlov, prompting her to claim, “You always do this!”

“We’re focused on one topic — ” Gutfeld continued.

“Falsifying your business records!” Tarlov exclaimed. “Do you do that?”

“No!” answered Gutfeld. “I’ll tell you what I do do, I’m glad you asked. When you’re in a contract negotiation — ”

“Exactly!” Pirro exclaimed.

Gutfeld went on about how he negotiates his work contract.

“I can say, ‘I want $100 million over the next six months!’ They’re going to laugh, laugh, laugh. But that does not mean I broke the law. That’s what you put down in a negotiation. As the judge said, it’s all transparent…There is no fraud here, which is why you’re bringing up other stuff!”

Jesse Watters then got the final word.

“I was going to say, you obviously, with respect, Jessica, know nothing about real estate, real estate valuations, real estate development, or the IRS. Or getting loans from banks to develop skylines in New York City.”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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