Guiliani Marched To Pay Bail In Arrest Video For Trump

Rudy Guiliani was marched in to pay bail after allegedly committing crimes for Donald Trump in Georgia.



Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner on Monday claimed on MSNBC that the former President Donald Trump will be “convicted by a chorus of Republican voices,” including Mark Meadows and Mike Pence when he heads to court via Media Ite.

Kirschner’s comment came during a panel discussion with Nicolle Wallace about former Trump allies turning against the former president and cooperating with authorities. He said:

“First of all, I am so impressed when I hear evidence of Mark Meadows saying things that pretty dramatically undercut Donald Trump’s claims regarding the classified documents, like he telepathically declassified them with his mind, like they were automatically declassified when he took them from the White House. When you have his own chief of staff, a fellow Republican, Mark Meadows, completely eviscerate those claims.

You also have Mike Pence in his own mealy-mouthed way going a long way to also undercut those claims. You know, once these cases are at trial, Nicolle, Donald Trump will be convicted by a chorus of Republican voices. I mean, I think back to the January 6th House select committee, I think there was nary a Democrat that we saw testify. So, once these cases are in trial proper, I do maintain it’s going to kind of be like shooting fish in a barrel. Donald Trump will not have a compelling defense.”

Kirschner also likened Trump’s upcoming trials to organized crime cases he has prosecuted, saying it was always better to have fellow gang members testify against a defendant, rather than rival gang members.

“It doesn’t mean they’re lying, but it puts their credibility instantly in question. Well, Donald Trump’s own gang members from the GOP are going to be the ones presenting the most sharply incriminating information against Donald Trump. So these cases are quite strong.”

It is noted that Meadows and 17 others were indicted along with Trump in the Georgia election tampering case that was brought to light by Fulton Co. D.A. Fani Willis under the state’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations statute.

Notably, all of the co-defendants have been ordered to surrender to authorities by Aug. 25.

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