Guiliani Money In Bank Account After Trump Leaks

As the legal woes continue to mount for Rudy Giuliani, former New York City Mayor and attorney for Donald Trump, new revelations have surfaced regarding his dire financial predicament resulting from his ongoing legal battles. Giuliani finds himself ensnared in a complex web of legal bills and sanctions stemming from his involvement in legal matters related to the former president.



A recent report by CNN’s Katelyn Polantz, Tierney Sneed, and Jeremy Herb sheds light on Giuliani’s financial struggles, suggesting that he is grappling with severe cash shortages due to his mounting legal expenses. The report unveils a staggering array of financial burdens that Giuliani is contending with, painting a vivid picture of his financial distress.

Giuliani is reported to be facing a multitude of financial obligations, including approximately $90,000 in sanctions levied by a judge in a defamation case, a monthly fee of $20,000 to a company for hosting his electronic records, expenditures of $15,000 or more for a comprehensive search of his records, and a significant $57,000 judgment against his company for unpaid phone bills. This intricate web of financial obligations showcases the extent of the financial challenges Giuliani is confronting as he navigates the legal labyrinth.

Furthermore, Giuliani’s financial woes extend beyond these immediate expenses. The report highlights how he recently listed his Upper East Side apartment for sale, signaling a potential attempt to liquidate assets in order to address his financial obligations. The sale of his apartment, listed at $6.5 million, could potentially alleviate some of his liquidity concerns.

CNN’s analysis emphasizes the ongoing nature of Giuliani’s legal battles and underscores the potential for his financial obligations to escalate further. The report also alludes to the possibility of additional judgments against him, particularly given his admission to making false statements related to the 2020 election. This admission could potentially lead to increased legal expenses as the consequences of his actions continue to unravel.

Giuliani faces nearly $90,000 in sanctions from a judge in a defamation case, a $20,000 monthly fee to a company to host his electronic records, $15,000 or more for a search of his records, and even a $57,000 judgment against his company for unpaid phone bills,” according to CNN’s review of his bills. The report also acknowledged how Giuliani just put his Upper East Side apartment up for sale for $6.5 million, which would obviously grant him more liquid assets to handle his financial situation.

“It’s a lot of legal bills, but on top of that, [Giuliani] has debts,” Polantz said on CNN This Morning. “One of the debts that has become public in the court proceedings is he had a $320,000 debt to this company that was hosting his electronic records. Donald Trump’s PAC, Save America, has paid that off … But this is not even capturing the scope of the money Rudy Giuliani is just being bogged down with in order to fend off just lawsuits related to the 2020 election and other court proceedings.”

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