Gunner Discusses His Character’s Development, Who Gives Him The Best Advice

Recap of TNA star Gunner’s appearance on the Busted Open satellite radio show on Sirius 92 and XM 207.



Gunner on the condition of Shane Helms: “I haven’t necessarily spoken to him, but I do know he’s doing a little better. He’s still stitched up and beat up and I believe he’s still in the hospital. He got lucky, and we thank God for that he’s still able to walk and keep wrestling in the near future. He’s gonna have to maybe have a few surgeries I believe, but he is doing a little bit better… still in high spirits as always.”

Who in locker room has given him constructive criticism and positive reinforcement: “I would say D-Lo. D-Lo Brown has been a big help with me. He helped me a few times when I did some extra spots with WWE back in the past….the past three or four years. And when he came to TNA, it was awesome. I was just doing the security thing at the time so D-Lo has been a big….somewhat of a father figure for me. D’Lo Brown, when it comes to matches and stuff, he’s always grabbing me and saying, ‘Don’t do this, don’t do that’ or ‘You did this ok.’”

Gunner on his match against Christopher Daniels a few weeks ago on Impact: “I was really nervous going into this match with (Christopher) Daniels cause it was my first big TV Title defense and my first big opportunity to show what I had. Daniels is an amazing athlete and I got mad respect for him, a man whose been doing it for a while. To go out there and have the match that I did, when I came through the curtain, it was one of those things the guys actually told me good job. You know, I heard good job from guys I’ve never heard it before so it means a lot when your co-workers and peers tell you good job out there. I felt comfortable that night, and it helped me in the long run as I go back out to the Impact Zone or doing house shows and PPVs, I felt like I’m in my niche now. I can just go out there and be Shatter/Gunner.”

Gunner on whether he has any input in his character development: “The good thing about TNA is, and I love the company… they give you a lot of opportunities to give input on your character development. I really like that. I kinda just took the Shatter war character that I used with the NWA and just put that in Gunner a little more amplified for TV. TNA gives their guys a lot of opportunities to develop their own characters, to be their own person, to do what they want to do, and I definitely got a lot of input doing what I want to do for Gunner.”

Gunner, a U.S. Marine, on the death of Osama Bin Laden: “I’m glad he’s gone, man. I watched a little special the other night on all the Afghanistan stuff and Osama and the man, he’s got a lot of followers and I think with him out of the picture, it could hopefully get us out of there. Obviously, there’s always going to be those little terrorist groups that just want to keep going and follow him. It’s definitely a big stepping stone for the United States. I know Jesse Neal, who was on the USS Cole in 2000 or 2001, I believe they got bombed over in Yemen, so he was definitely glad to see all that stuff happen.”

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