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New Hall of Famer Dismisses WWE’s Wellness Policy – Says Not Everyone Is ‘Clean’

New WWE Hall of Famer Road Warrior Animal, who is scheduled to host a Raw live event later this month at the MTS Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, does not believe that all of WWE’s talent is in compliance with the organization’s stringent drug testing policy.

Speaking out to Power Slam magazine days before his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, Animal was asked about how important the larger-than-life, steroid-enhanced physiques were to the image of The Road Warriors. He was also asked if the team would have been the same force had they debuted in the modern WWE era where performers are drug tested.

“Let’s be totally honest with people right now. Look at the guys that are in [WWE] now. If anybody thinks that everybody there is 100-percent clean, they’ve got be smoking something,” he replied.

“I know they get drug tested and they do catch people, and people do get suspended, but I really don’t believe that everybody gets drug tested on the same level. I know the look of a person who looks like they’ve been on or off [steroids].”

“When we took them, it was totally legal to carry them on you.”

Diana Hart, mother of WWE Superstar David Hart Smith, made a similar claim during an interview three years ago as she wondered whether the same rules were being applied to all of WWE’s performers. This was based on WWE waiting close to two months in 2007 to publicize the results of a drug test her son had failed, and taking action only after promoting him to the main roster.

WWE has not issued a suspension related to performance-enhancing drugs in over two and half years—to Dolph Ziggler on October 10, 2008.

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  • venom

    @Devil Rising

    You are wrong. It all depends on their work out and how they eat. Morrison is probably on roids but he does more cardio and more reps on his workouts to be built that way.

  • Howe

    Unless Cena has done steroids since playing college football, then I can’t see visually how he would be. Cena’s looked like this for a while. But yeah, triple H does look leaner, although still pretty big, so maybe he’s come down off the roids.

  • The muscular guy who may not be is Cena his physique looks very natural triple H might be off them now but I can’t be sure

  • Ray

    Devil_Rising, thats a misconception. Look up Anavar, Winstrol, EQ, Maston, Primobolan. All Steroids that shred you. In fact Deca and Test are the main steroids that puff you up. Even then people take Test stacked with one of the above listed steroids, and with a clean diet you will get ripped. I would actually be shocked if Morrison was not on Anavar or Winstrol

  • Ryan

    Dude…funaki was on enhancement drugs.

  • Devil_Rising

    Batista was clearly on roids. You can’t tell me he wasn’t. Maybe Cena too. Lashley for sure. Lesnar? If he wasn’t, he was a true freak of nature. Fact is, there’s a big difference between muscular, and roided out. The main visual tip off, is that muscle “growth” on steroids, tends to make a person look huge, as in puffed up, where as someone like R-Truth, or Morrison, they are muscular, very in fact, but they are slender, and their muscles have definition, they’re not just huge bulging slabs.

    Look at the difference in how Hogan looked in the 80s, versus how he looked in the 90s. In the 80s, he was MASSIVE, “Hulked up” even, huge and puffy, like I said. Then he quit the roids after the scandal, and when he came back around 92/93, suddenly he was a slimmer, still buff, but not HUGE Hogan. Big difference.

  • Bill

    If John Cena, Mason Ryan, & Ezekiel Jackson aren’t using steroids, then they are some of the most dedicated people to the gym I’ve ever seen in my life……..

  • Stevie

    Yeah, how Mason Ryan isn’t is beyond me.

  • dlb

    some guys are still on steroids? duh