Halle Berry Is Unrecognizable In UFC 281 Photo

Halle Berry is a massive UFC fan, and she was spotted at UFC 281 sporing a scorching new haircut, as seen in a photo below.



Halle Berry is the greatest African American actress of all time, while Mike Tyson is the greatest boxing heavyweight of all time. The legendary pro boxer Mike Tyson has always been a hot headed fighter and he has been dominating inside the ring. However, he has also confronted several journalists and media members for questioning him and lashing out at them.

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Mike Tyson bashed a host

However, comedian and talk show host Bill Maher was not afraid to ask some hard questions to the former heavyweight champion. Tyson made an appearance on his podcast, Club Random, where he was questioned about his tigers. Maher stated that he was an animal lover and didn’t think it was right for ‘Iron Mike’ to keep them as pets.

“You had tigers in your captivity. That can’t be good for the tiger,” said Maher.

However, Tyson was quick to call Maher out for his accusation. He claimed that the tigers were not in his ‘captivity’ but rather members of his own family. He even revealed that the beasts would sleep with him on his bed.

“They weren’t in captivity. They slept in my bed with me. I got 500 pounds in bed with me. What are you talking about? ” Tyson replied.

It seems Tyson felt that the tigers were his own pets but according to Maher, there are wild beasts who belong in the jungle rather than someone’s home. However, Maher, who has made his $140 million fortune mainly by success in comedy, might have put this question to instigate a response from ‘Kid Dynamite’.

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