Hannity Is Happy About Trump Trial Because…

Sean Hannity recently stated on Tuesday that former President Donald Trump might politically benefit from being in court on criminal charges via Mediaite.



It has been noted that the jury selection in Trump’s Manhattan criminal trial began on Monday. He is charged with 34 felony counts of falsifying business records to obscure hush money payments intended to cover up extramarital affairs before the 2016 election. The former president has pleaded not guilty.

Trump has gone against the charges and those involved in the case, especially Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and Judge Juan Merchan. It has been noted that the ex-president is also under criminal indictment in three other jurisdictions and has pleaded not guilty to all counts while griping that his legal woes hinder his ability to campaign for president as the presumptive Republican nominee.

On Tuesday, Hannity suggested to Mike Huckabee that Trump having to appear in court could ultimately help him in November’s general election against President Joe Biden:

“I don’t think Donald Trump’s gonna like this, but maybe, just maybe, Governor Huckabee, maybe the fact that Joe is on the campaign trail and Donald Trump has to sit in that courtroom– ’cause some people get upset when actually he talks or speaks his mind – maybe that’ll work to his advantage in the end because Joe makes a fool of himself every day.”

“Every time he makes a speech it’s a disaster,” Huckabee responded. “Every time he tries to read from a card that’s carefully printed out with the pause marks in it, that’s a disaster. The only time he’s winning is when he’s on the beach in Delaware or in his basement holed up and out of sight.”

Regarding Biden, Hannity concluded, “The more he talks, the worse he looks.”

Barry Russell
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