What Happened After Last Night’s RAW in Portland

– Notes from what happened after last night’s RAW in Portland:



The Miz came out and called out Alex Riley after WWE Raw went off the air last night.. No response. John Cena said the GM was done with him on the Raw tv show, and by his watch, the Raw TV show is over. Cena said, “So, as much as Portland hates to hear you talk, how about saying those two words again, not I’m awesome, but I Quit.”

Cena then gave Miz an Attitude Adjustment. Mysterio followed with the 619. Cena locked on the STF and Mysterio held up the mic for Miz to say “I Quit” about five times. A strong ovation for Cena and Mysterio to end the Portland show.

Source: PWTorch.com

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