What Happened After RAW with HBK, Triple H, Vince, Taker and Others

– After last night’s WWE RAW in San Antonio, Texas, John Cena came back out and introduced a Shawn Michaels tribute video. Shawn came out with Triple H and CM Punk for a celebration. Punk spoke about looking up to Shawn and then Vince McMahon came out.



Vince said he felt like a father to Shawn and said he loves him. They hugged and then out came the whole locker room followed by The Undertaker. Taker put Shawn over as a performer and a friend, then they hugged.

Shawn was presented with a plaque to honor his work in the AT&T Center. The final person to come out was John Laurinaitis. Shawn hit him with Sweet Chin Music. Vince and Triple H rolled Ace back in the ring for one more kick from Shawn. Shawn then thanked everyone and posed with Triple H and Undertaker to end the show.

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