What Happened After SmackDown, DH Smith on His Time with WWE, Vince McMahon

– Vince McMahon’s “You’re Fired” line is featured in a new political ad from the Democratic National Committee poking at Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney for saying he likes firing people.



– Former WWE star David Hart Smith appeared on the Major League Wrestling podcast this week and had the following to say about his time with the company:

“We had a good title run with Tyson Kidd. I was kind of disheartened that more didn’t happen with my time in the company. I felt that i certainly had enough talent… It’s not exactly in my short-term plans to go back there. We’ll put the bookmark in this chapter read on and maybe go back to it sometime. It was definitely hot/cold with the company. When it was good it was good, and when it was bad it was like WWE isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.”

– After last night’s WWE SmackDown tapings in Laredo, Texas ended, Mark Henry came out to poke fun at Big Show but got knocked out for his troubles.

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