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Have The Revival asked for their release?

Scott Dawson The Revival

  • Darrin Tyler

    Hope so, they are one of the worst teams in the company.

  • EVH

    They should be happy they’re at least on TV. But also upset that the B-Team won tag titles before them.

    But it’s not like they didnt get a shot, unfortunately injuries halted any momentum they were gaining. You can’t blame Vince for not trusting them as being a top tag team if they cant be dependable.

  • Greg Bush

    I don’t know. No one knows what’s happening right now except The Revival and the WWE.

  • BB

    If this is indeed true then it’s a big time shame. Love these guys and they should be at the top of the tag team division. I want more of them and less of New Day/Usos/the Bar. To be fair I think their two injuries really killed their momentum that they had going for them though.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    How you start an article with a question you seem like you don’t even know.

  • CC

    Once again, there is a huge difference between asking for your release and being released.