Hawkins on What Happened to Midcard Mafia, Being Ready to Prove Himself

– WWE Superstar Curt Hawkins spoke with Newsday.com to promote tonight’s RAW Supershow from Long Island. Here are a few highlights:



He and Tyler Reks’ Midcard Mafia YouTube show that had heat with WWE officials:
“It was within the same mold at Zack Ryder. You can’t just duplicate it. That’s not going to work. We brainstormed a different idea. Tyler is very talented with computer animation. I kind of wrote and edited it. We just crossed the line a little bit too much. In a way it worked because we were at the bottom of the totem pole. Even if we brought in a negative light, we brought a light, to some degree.”

Wanting to prove himself:
“I’m literally chomping at the bit to prove myself. I don’t think you should be part of the roster if you’re not looking to be the last guy. You want to be the last guy they see in the ring. I say bring it on. I want to get a chance to hit home runs and knock it out of the park.”

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