Heat on WWE for Airing Pay-Per-View Promos, Mysterio vs. Ziggler NOC Update

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter



– WWE has come under fire in recent months for airing full-length promo videos on pay-per-view, even when their broadcast results in key matches being cut short. The internal perspective on the matter is that WWE’s production team works very hard in developing the spots, and executive producer Kevin Dunn will consequently take every opportunity to give his department its due and show appreciation for their work. As the Wrestling Observer says, because the people “who make the calls as the show go on are the people who put together the video packages,” they will be the last things cut when WWE is short on time.

– The specific details on the changed Rey Mysterio/Dolph Ziggler match finish have not yet emerged, but the decision was definitely political in nature. All that is known is that Ziggler was scheduled to win the Intercontinental Championship as of Sunday afternoon, but WWE ultimately decided to keep the belt on Mysterio. Mysterio had been promised a significant championship run when he made rumblings of leaving the company earlier this summer, but the exact nature regarding if and how that played into the decision is not clear.

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