Heyman Talks About Almost Not Returning to WWE, Lesnar and More

– Paul Heyman made a special appearance on Mark Madden’s radio show in Pittsburgh yesterday to talk about WWE SummerSlam. Here are some highlights:



* He at first turned down Brock Lesnar’s invitation to come back to WWE with him. Heyman said he felt WWE doesn’t know how to promote Brock as a fighter. Heyman feels he was brought back in part because he knows how to market Brock’s fighter persona.

* He wasn’t sure if he was brought back with another Superstar how well his mic work would have went but his relationship is natural with Lesnar.

* There have been no problems working with Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. He thinks they enjoy having someone who rips them because it gives people a reason to get behind them and cheer them more.

* Heyman feels Lesnar had his run in MMA but if the deal was right, he would very much consider it.

* Heyman said it’s easy to say no, he would not run another wrestling promotion but if someone came to him and offered the right deal and the right freedom, then he would consider it. He doesn’t think it will happen.

Source: PWInsider

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