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High profile names expected to be called up to the main roster after Survivor Series

NXT call-ups have been a tradition over the last few years and there is speculation surrounding the names which might get called up after one of WWE’s big four pay-per-views, Survivor Series.

Joe Peisich mentioned on the Barnburner’s No Holds Barred podcast that the WWE is considering calling up some big names over to the main roster. He said:

“Two of the guys from what I hear, two of the guys from what I hear of all the matches we’re going to talk about [during NXT TakeOver: WarGames] are gonna be called up to the main roster the following Monday or Tuesday for SmackDown. Could be Aleister Black, could be Johnny Gargano or it could be one Tommaso Ciampa (I don’t think if he’s going to retain the title) or the Velveteen Dream.”

Tomasso Ciampa managed to retain his title at NXT TakeOver: WarGames. All of the other names have established their names in the NXT circuit over the course of the last year and it would be interesting to see how the switch up to the main roster works out if the WWE decides to pull the switch.

H/T to Ringside News for the transcription

  • CC

    Firstly, NXT call ups are not a tradition, they are part of the process of a developmental brand. Saying it is part of a tradition is like saying someone getting a promotion where they work is a tradition.

    As for the validity behind it, it just seems pure speculation.
    Of those four names mentioned, the only one who makes sense right now is Black based on yesterdays results.
    Ciampa is still champion. Gargano still has something to prove with Ciampa. Dream is nowhere near ready yet, and on the basis of his title challenge failing, why would they move him up right after that?

    The only two people ready for a call up right now are maybe Black (because I do not see what else he can do in NXT) and Cross (although she really needs to tone the crazy gimmick down for the main roster as it will grow as annoying as Alicia Fox’s gimmick quickly).

  • Whistling Joe

    The only one of those guys I want to see on the roster before Mania is Black, just that he can be exposed and released. The guy’s a decent enough wrestler, but he’s all kicks. He’s an entrance and that’s about it. He’s not very tall and WWE has done nothing with any of the talent they have called up in the last year to give me any hope that the new talent will be used right. Riott Squad hasn’t really done anything, neither have Mandy or Sonya. Iiconics were dead in the water from day one. Sanity has been seen on SD less than ten times. Almas has no storyline and I was sure they had put the US title on Hardy so Almas could beat him for it. Nikki Cross may or may not be called up, who would know? AOP was called up then went MIA for six weeks and only know is doing anything, but still has no storyline. They turned Asuka into a joke, she tapped again to Charlotte this week on MMC. If they wanted Charlotte and Jeff Hardy to go over, I don’t know why they just didn’t have Jeff pin Miz. Bobby Roode might be in a storyline, I don’t think he even knows. And No Way Jose has one foot out the door. The Gargano-Ciampa thing need to end at Mania with Gargano finally beating Ciampa for the title and Dream needs at least another year and a half in NXT.