Highlights and Notes from Yesterday’s Strikeforce Call to Hype Saturday’s Show

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– Here is a full report from the Strikeforce media call yesterday:

# Scheduled to appear are Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion Renato “Babalu” Sobral, Gegard Mousasi, Nick Diaz, Jay Hieron and STRIKEFORCE Founder & CEO Scott Coker.

# The call started at 2:04PM.

# They hype the show on Saturday, which is the purpose of this call, yet, Gina nor Cyborg are on the call. Saturday’s show starts at 10:30PM ET.

# Surprisingly enough, Nick Diaz is NOT on the conference call.

# Talk turns to the Renato “Babalu” Sobral vs. Gegard Mousasi fight, which was originally going to be on the show, was changed to Affliction, and the is now back on this card.

# They discuss the situation with Nick Diaz, and he is on his way to LA to take his drug test. They admit that he did not show up for the test on Friday. Later today they will have a clearer picture, and expect the test results back by Thursday.

# Renato “Babalu” Sobral starts with some opening comments. He thanks Strikeforce for putting the title fight on the card, and he is looking forward to defending the title.

# Gegard Mousasi is also happy that the fight is happening for the title, and he is very glad because since Affliction was cancelled, that fighters are finding homes.

# Jay Hieron trained hard, and he is appreciative of this opportunity.

# The call is barely audible, as it sounds as if someone is scratching on a chalkboard in the background.

# Mousasi is asked about his contract status, due to DREAM commitments, and his upcoming exhibition with Fedor. He is looking to become a two-division champion, and is also looking to win the Super Hulk. He also wants to become a heavyweight champion. He wants to box, maybe next year, and Strikeforce has agreed to their association with Showtime Boxing. He has signed for three fights with Strikeforce, and has two left with DREAM.

# Scott Coker is asked about Mousasi’s status, and he is fine with what he wants to do.

# Scott Coker is asked about a contingency plan if Diaz cannot go. He says they have something planned, and Jay Hieron will fight no matter what. Hieron says he has been through a lot, and he cannot control Diaz, so he will do what he has too.

# It is mentioned that Caesar nor Diaz has not called the commission, and Coker says that they have until 3PM PT today to make the test. They hope he makes the right decision. He says the arrangements are made, they booked the flights and they hope that he is on the way. Hieron says he chose Strikeforce over the UFC, and he has nothing bad to say about the UFC. Strikeforce gave him a title opportunity, and he had to take it. Hieron says the contract is exclusive in the US, but he isn’t sure about the specifics.

# Mousasi is asked about moving to Heavyweight and fighting Fedor. He says they have the same management, so it likely will not happen, but if the money is right, he will do it.

# Coker is asked about Diaz possibly being pulled, and if the fight would still be for the title. He will not answer until they know more about Nick’s status. He says that the test has to be done today. Hieron says he will fight anyone, but says that he wants to know his opponent as soon as possible. He’s a professional and wants to fight.

# Coker is asked if he is frustrated with Diaz, and he says that Diaz was in the mountains training, and that he had an arrangement, and he doesn’t understand why he had to be tested again.

# Hieron says he wants top guys and Diaz is a top guy. He wants wins to mean something, and he feels that he is in great shape and matches up great with Diaz.

# Coker says the attendance is about 10,000-12,000 right now. The Carano vs. Cyborg fight was promoted through Showtime and CBS, and they thankfully have it and get to promote it. When asked about the first contender, he says it has not been determined. On them going potentially 25-minutes, he doesn’t know how it will go, but it has to be in the back of their minds.

# Coker will not talk about Fedor right now, he wants to focus on Saturday.

# Hieron says he is just going along with the plan and doesn’t think about the changes. He is focused on cutting weight and flying to California tomorrow.

# Coker says Gina Carano has crossed over to the mainstream, and that the fight is very important. She is the Danica Patrick of MMA. Gina really wanted the Cyborg fight, and they are excited for it.

# I think someone is washing their dishes right now on the call.

# Hieron says he signed a multi-fight deal with Strikeforce, and his job is to fight.

# When asked about Diaz, he says he is a top guy, and that he has a great name. When he got the chance for the fight, it was a great chance for him.

# Coker is asked if California will expedite the process for Diaz, and he doesn’t know, but is thankful for the second chance they have received for Diaz. He also says that they hope to get the viewers that were going to watch Affliction: Trilogy.

# Coker reminds everyone about the Gina vs. Cyborg week on Showtime this week.

# Coker is asked about all of the bad things that have happened to the card, like injuries and such, and he says back in the day he would have freaked out, but now, he knows that it is part of the game, and he takes it in stride. These things happen.

# Coker is asked about Phil Baroni being a possible replacement for Diaz, and Cocker says the fight will not happen Saturday.

# They have no major media planned for Gina this week.

# Hieron plans to put on a show no matter who he faces, and that he will deal with the situation as it comes.

# Crappy audio again is killing the call.

# Again on the Diaz deal, and it is said that no one has contacted the CSAC about Diaz coming in for a test today. And if they do not hear by noon PT, that the fight is off. Coker says there has been proper communication.

# Coker is happy with attendance, as they hoped for 13,500, and they are getting close to that. The main event is a big deal, and drawing what they have with that as the draw says that there is an audience for the fight.

# Coker again says that they have a replacement set for Diaz if they have too, and there will be more announced later today.

# He is asked about the UFC counter programming against the, and he says it is what they do, and he doesn’t really mind.

# Coker again says that they will make an announcement regarding the Diaz fight later today. He is asked about Diaz’s future, and he says they have a contract, and Nick has rebounded his career, but they will have to have a long talk with him if he doesn’t make the test.

# Babalu is asked about the Strikeforce title, and we lost him from the call. Tremendous.

# Babalu is back and says that the title means a lot to him, and says that he is building his house in Strikeforce and he will be champion for a long time.

# Coker says that they have had many changes, but that the announced card is the final card, unless there is a replacement needed for Diaz.

* To Crown The First Strikeforce Women’s Championship: Gina Carano vs. Cris Cyborg
* Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Championship: Renato “Babalu” Sobral (c) vs. Gegard Mousasi
* Strikeforce Lightweight INTERIM Championship: Gilbert Melendez (c) vs. Mitsuhiro Ishida
* To Crown The First Strikeforce Welterweight Championship: Nick Diaz vs. Jay Hieron

* Mike Kyle vs. Fabricio Werdum
* Mike Cook vs. Scott Lighty
* David Douglas vs. Justin Wilcox
* Zak Bucia vs. James Terry
* Isaiah Hill vs. Alex Trevino

# Josh Thompson suffered another break in his leg, and that is why he had to pull out, and while it was bad, they were lucky to get Mitsuhiro Ishida to face Melendez, and Mitsuhiro Ishida holds a win over Melendez.

# Coker now says the call is over, and reminds us about the specials on SHO2 @ 10PM. Tickets are still on sale for Saturday’s show, and it will start at 10:30PM ET on Showtime.

# Coker thanks us for our time, and says that Saturday is a historic event.

# Babalu thanks us and Strikeforce, and also thanks Gegard for taking the fight for the title. He expects a great fight.

# Gegard thanks many people as well, and will do his best to put on a good show Saturday.

# The lost Jay Hieron, so no closing comments from him.

# The call ended at 2:59PM.

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