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Highlights From JTG AMA, Talks Racism in WWE, Leaving Cryme Tyme

Here are some highlights from JTG’s reddit AMA.

One big question he was asked about was on racism in the WWE

“I definitely experienced some racism in WWE, and no I don’t think they do a good enough job when the majority of the African American wrestlers are pigeonholed into being the angry black guys, shuckin and jivin or rapping and singing…”

Another question asked was his decision on leaving the Cryme Tyme staple to pursue his singles career:

“We both wanted to go our separate ways to see where I singles career would go. And I was bummed out about his release because I didn’t feel like he got a shot.”

More on JTG’s AMA can be found on the subreddit r/SquaredCircle.

  • CC

    If you look at the guys on the current WWE roster you have to say that JTG is just doing his usual job of talking bull.
    R-Truth has used his gimmick for years because the rapping thing is what he does (just as it was when white guy Cena did the same thing), so no racist pigeon holing there. Mark Henry has done multiple gimmicks over the years, and the only one that works is the angry guy, but that makes sense not due to being black, but being fucking huge and looking the part. The Prime time players are so into their role you can tell that they are doing what they want to do, not against their wishes. Without that gimmick they were nothing. The New Day, yeah they are playing to the Evangelistic gimmick, but once again it is something they seem to be into big style (and you can hardly say Kofi was pigeon holed over the years except maybe when he was “Jamaican”). The only time they looked bad was when they debuted with that horrible NoD gimmick, which would have created no end of controversy in this day and age.
    Booker T always played Booker T, so once again, no pigeon holing. Same for Ron Simmons.

    Not saying racism does not exist (just look at the Del Rio incident), but I think anyone who does not get the push they think they deserved and is not white will often pull the race card out of the hat.

    There have been plenty or white stereotypes over the years too, from hill billies to business men, so stereotypes cross all creeds and colours no doubt.