Hillary Clinton Humiliating Message To Travis Kelce Revealed

The Kansas City Chiefs’ victory in Super Bowl LVIII on February 11 stirred controversy for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton due to her congratulatory message. In her tweet, Clinton extended congratulations to the Chiefs community and specifically mentioned Chiefs Tight End Travis Kelce as “Taylor’s boyfriend.” Although intended as a joke, the comment received backlash on social media, with users deeming it disrespectful towards both the Chiefs and Kelce.



One social media user on X commented on the criticism of Hillary’s tweet, showcasing the disapproval expressed by many. The tweet from Clinton went viral, amassing over 6.3 million views at the time of writing. Several users expressed disbelief that the tweet was genuine and not from a troll account.

The backlash primarily centered on the perceived lameness and cringe-worthy nature of Clinton’s comment, with some social media users referencing her past election loss against Donald Trump. The Super Bowl being allegedly rigged and Clinton being labeled a Satanist were among the conspiracy theories brought up in response to the tweet.

Furthermore, some users retaliated by referring to Clinton as “Bill’s wife,” emphasizing her connection to former President Bill Clinton. Despite Clinton’s likely intention for a lighthearted remark, the social media response highlighted the sensitivity and scrutiny that public figures face in their interactions on platforms like Twitter.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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