Hillary Clinton Rumored To Replace Big Name

Kathleen Parker, a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist for The Washington Post, has proposed a provocative solution to concerns about President Joe Biden’s age and fitness for office: adding Hillary Clinton to the Democratic ticket for the upcoming election. Parker argues that Biden’s visible decline, particularly highlighted by his recent debate performance, has raised significant doubts about his ability to handle the rigorous demands of the presidency for another term.



Parker points out that while Biden’s numerical age is a concern, the issue goes beyond mere chronological age to include his noticeable lapses in speech and occasional blank stares. She suggests that even the most physically fit octogenarians would struggle with the demands of the presidency, citing examples of presidents who visibly aged under the stress of the job.

To address these concerns, Parker proposes making Clinton, who is 76 years old, Biden’s running mate. This, she argues, would reassure voters concerned about Biden’s fitness that a capable successor or stabilizing figure would be in place if needed. Parker acknowledges that Clinton may not be eager to reenter the political fray but suggests that her experience and perceived steadiness could provide a reassuring presence on the ticket.

In Parker’s scenario, Vice President Kamala Harris would potentially transition to another prominent role in the administration, such as Attorney General, leveraging her experience as California’s former Attorney General. This, Parker believes, would provide a face-saving exit for Harris while bolstering the ticket with Clinton’s credibility and experience.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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