HOF’er Says Cena Is Nothing Special, Raven Talks WWE Experience, More

– The Inside The Ropes podcast recently spoke with George Steele, Chris Masters, Tully Blanchard, Michael Tarver, JJ Dillon, Lex Luger, Pete Gas, Sean Oliver, Raven and Stevie Richards to celebrate 1,000 episodes of WWE RAW. Here are a few highlights:



George Steele on watching RAW:
“I record RAW every Monday. But with my DVR it takes me ten minutes to watch it. I fast forward through most of it.”

Steele on John Cena:
“I’ve seen a million John Cena’s, he’s nothing special. Think about it, there are so many that are better out there today.”

Michael Tarver on Ryback:
“Ryback is an absolute beast. He’s not like the 2012 sloppy Brock Lesnar, this guy is actually good and he’ll be a World Champion soon.”

Raven on his RAW experiences:
“To be honest, I never really enjoyed my time at WWE so I don’t know if I have a great mount that I remember. Probably one of the Hardcore matches but they all morph into one.”

Raven on the “Wind Beneath My Wings” segment with Steve Austin:
“I absolutely loved being a part of that. it was so cheesy. I had so much fun. You’ve got to give props to Stephanie McMahon for going out there and making a total fool of herself. We were all so out of tune. It was fantastic.”

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