Hogan Speaks on How Long He’ll Stick with TNA

– Hulk Hogan was rather ambiguous in discussing his TNA contract with AOL Fanhouse, offering no clear end date for his run with TNA.



After first noting, “I think it’s a year with rollovers, you know, if we’re both happy. It’s definitely a year, it’s not any shorter than that,” Hogan later clarifies, “we both agree that if we don’t get along or Dixie and I two or three weeks into this thing, if she goes, ‘Hogan, how come you’re letting the Martians wrestle the elephants? That’s not what we want.’ We agree to disagree and we’ve made that real clear that if they don’t like the direction I’m going in, or if they can’t handle the change or that they think I’m wrong that I’ll just walk away, or whatever you want to call it, they’ll fire me or I’ll quit or whatever.”

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