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Why Hogan Wants One More Match with WWE, WWE Looks at Sting vs. HHH, Tapings, Rock

  • Vor

    Just GO HOME Terry for god’s sake….so many wrestlers don’t know when to call it a day and retire with dignity like Shawn Michaels did

  • d_pooch

    Put Hogan in the Rumble please….

  • D2K

    Terry, we know why you want “one more” match. You want/need “one more” Wrestlemania payday. I’m not trippin’ about it. If I was in his shoes I’d do the same thing.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I think Sting going to have more then one Wrestlmania they may do Sting vs HHH at this Wrestlmania because plans has already been put in motion you can’t have what happen at Survior Series happen if you not going to do a HHH vs Sting. This will give Sting his Wresltmania win then next year both Sting vs Undertaker have there retirement match.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    See while I agree that those guys helped build HHH, I feel Hunter is easily one of the best wrestlers ever and can carry any superstar in any direction anywhere. A Sting vs Hunter match would be amazing and I bet you Sting feels that same way.

  • Real Creative

    HHH’s way of saying to Hogan that he is too old lol. HHH should take Hogan’s advice and stay away from a sting match. Listen. If they go ahead with Sting vs HHH then f it. I don’t care. Now if they go with Taker vs. Sting. I will by the f’n network just to see that match alone. That match alone will sell WM no doubt. Only reason HHH was able to get over, was because of SCSA, the Rock, HBK and Foley. He is a great heel, but without them, he would never been seen at that level – water spit or not.