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Hornswoggle Reveals Why CM Punk Ended Their Friendship

Former WWE superstar Hornswoggle was recently interviewed by Kayfabe commentaries and spoke about how an incident over a phone number apparently ended his friendship with UFC’s CM Punk.

You can hear him talk about the incident below:

  • Mister Who

    He really is a douchebag after all

  • Darryll Morris

    Lol, sadly I can see CM Punk doing that. I love the dude as a wrestler and entertainer, but he does seem to be a douchebag…Quite often.

  • Mister Who

    Still he sucks and his movie, he doesn’t look like leprechaun and he disrespected Warwick Davis thinking that the audience who see Hornswoggles movie might forget Warwick, you tell me, he has a false sense of accomplishment there, p.s. I’m not concerned of him making more money because I too am earning a lot

  • Pat

    yet i am sure he is making way more money then you, and people know who he is unlike you 🙂 just sayin

  • Mister Who

    Whatever, Hornswoggle sucks, his movie Leprechaun Origins sucks