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Hornswoggle talks about how he ‘flew under the radar’ in WWE

Hornswoggle had a memorable run in WWE, where he had many gimmicks. He was a leprechaun, to Vince McMahon’s illegitimate son, to even a member of DX and the anonymous RAW General Manager.

While speaking to Wrestling Inc, Hornswoggle explained that his run in WWE lasted almost a decade as he stayed under the radar. He would happily do everything WWE creative would give him without any objection since he understood that it was a show and he was grateful for every opportunity he got.

“Nah, I flew under the radar as much as I could. I was happy to be there for two weeks under 10 years so I didn’t grind that many gears … When I get home, I’m not dressed in a cow costume playing catch with my son. You can’t take yourself too seriously when you’re going in front of 80,000 people in your underwear. You’ve gotta realize this – you could be working at Burger King or working for the biggest wrestling company in the world. …I get to travel the world in front of thousands of people and get paid for it. It’s pretty awesome.”

He is currently busy working in the independent circuit, where he is a highlight, in any event, he is a part of. So while he never is part of any amazing angles, he is still grateful for every opportunity he received.

  • The Random Reader

    That’s because you suck Hornswoggle, you suck more as an actor

  • CC

    Before I even read the article, you have to say “how he flew under the radar” .. dwarves are good at getting under things.