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House Hardy could be featured on AEW Television

Matt Hardy’s arrival on Dynamite this week was WONDERFUL. The Broken Brilliance of Hardy will be used in its full capacity on All Elite Wrestling and fans are excited.

Hardy appeared on Talk is Jericho this week and talked about a number of things ranging from his WWE departure to the future of his Brokenverse in AEW.

Hardy revealed that House Hardy could be appearing on AEW soon. Hardy’s family including his wife, his sons and his father-in-law Senor Benjamin have a huge part to play in his Brokenverse and fans are no strangers to them either.

I think we will [use House Hardy] here [in AEW], you know, with the way things go. I think it’s part of the whole charm of Broken Matt Hardy. Because it’s just like, so different and so unique and so outlandish.

And I love having characters to play off of and to be around different unique characters.

Fans would surely love to see the likes of Queen Rebecca, Senor Benjamin and King Maxel making their appearances on Dynamite every now and then.

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  • CC

    I hope Matt can do something different with the Broken gimmick as I think it’s a little past its sell by date now.
    With WWE pulling the trigger with it too late, and then not exactly going all in with it, using it in AEW could either be its saving grace or the last nail in its coffin.
    Damn I want it to work again, but I just do not hold much hope for it anymore.