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How Luke Harper’s return was kept a secret

At WWE Clash Of Champions, Luke Harper made his return to the company and the fans were certainly shocked at this. After being absent from WWE television for months, Harper is finally back and WWE took special measures to make sure his return was a secret.

According to a report by PW Insider, Luke Harper was called into the show, but his name was not present on the format sheet backstage. All measures were taken to hide a man of his size and stature until it was time for him to make his appearance.

Harper was not listed on the format sheet for the show and was hidden until just before the Reigns vs. Rowan bout.  No one saw him backstage until just before his return.

It will be interesting to see how Luke Harper factors into the current storyline and if he will finally be getting booked properly.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Once again, WWE managed to use the dirt sheets to their advantage.

    Just last week, everyone was reporting about how WWE has no plans for Harper, and sees nothing in him.
    Just like how they reported that Sasha wouldn’t come back, and that Braun would never win any titles in WWE, and how Becky and Ronda had “legit heat”.

    WWE is deliberately leaking these rumours, and people keep eating it up.