How Much Are Vince & Linda McMahon Worth?

– Paperwork filed by Linda McMahon in Connecticut for her 2010 Senate reveal that her and Vince McMahon have upwards of $500 million in assets. Linda has donated over $3 million of McMahon money to the campaign, making her an “instant player” in the Senate race.



The chairman of the Government & Politics department at Sacred Heart University tells the Connecticut Post, “McMahon has just blown right by them (other Republican candidates) in terms of resources. It’s just extraordinary. We’ve never had anybody that has had wealth like this campaigning.”

According to the filing, Linda and Vince have $103.7 million in total assets and $355.13 million in stocks, bank accounts, investments, etc. Together, they received “at least” $8.97 million in salary and investment income from WWE during a period from January 2008 to October 2009.

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