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How much money Matt Hardy was apparently offered by WWE to stay

Matt Hardy might be parting ways with WWE after his contract expires on March 1st. He will also be turning down a lot of money if he does leave the company.

According to a report by Brad Shepard, Hardy was offered a “substantial ” six-figure contract annually.

I was told WWE offered Matt a substantial six-figure per year salary to stay for another few years. It’s my understanding that he has about a couple of weeks before his current deal expires. So far, he hasn’t re-signed.

For comparison, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson signed $700,000 a year contracts. The Revival have turned down offers of contracts worth close to one million a year each.

Perhaps we will be seeing Hardy somewhere else if he decides to not sign with WWE again.

  • jaykayDX

    If you have no imagination, don’t know how to market yourself, can’t think big and have no ambition in life then it’s cool I guess to just collect a paycheck. But Hardy isn’t stupid: The ONLY reason he was relevant the past few years was because of the Broken angle – and he lost that momentum when he joined the WWE and Vince misused him. The only way for him to secure his legacy and ensure people ten, twenty years down the line are still talking about him is to leave the ‘E, and then sign non-exclusive deals with Impact, ROH and MLW where he can wrestle simultaneously in all three promotions expanding his ‘Broken’ universe before having a brief run in AEW and hen finishing off his career in NWA where he will be given the freedom to turn the ‘Broken’ Universe into a franchise. In short, secure his legacy ….

  • Broken_MattHardy


  • Jesus Ortiz

    Dude get a life….

  • Rinn13

    Just imagine being wrestlers who get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars, to barely do anything or be used in any meaningful way most of the time. That’s the life, I guess.

  • CC

    A substantial “six figure” deal?
    I call BS on this when you consider that the report that came out about 2018 earnings had Matt on $650,000 already, so if he were offered any “6 figure” deal, it would not be “substantial”, especially when you consider his brother is supposedly already on 7 figures at $1mil.

  • Broken_MattHardy

    Financially set for life, but emotionally and mentally fuxked for life as well. I will not sign that deal Mr Meekmahaan. I will take that OBSOLETE contract and sentence it to…. DELEEEETIOOOOON!!!!!!