How Mustafa Ali actually got hurt during Smackdown Live

Mustafa Ali had a brutal match against Randy Orton on this week’s Smackdown Live. He gave it all he had but ultimately was not able to beat The Viper, who hit him with an impressive RKO just as Mustafa was trying to make a comeback.



Ali’s face after the match told the whole story, as he got a black eye. Randy hit Ali with a few stiff punches and it was believed that that was the reason for Mustafa’s black eye.

However, on Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez said that he was present during Smackdown Live and that Mustafa got his black eye when he sold Randy Orton’s Garvin Stomp incorrectly.

Instead of laying as he was supposed to, Ali sold the move and raised his head up. Then Randy hit the stomp on the right side of his face accidentally. This is what caused the wound and not Randy’s stiff punches.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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