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How Rey Mysterio is protected by WWE

Rey Mysterio signed a multi-year contract with WWE and is currently working for Smackdown Live. However, Mysterio has suffered many injuries in his career, and as he is 44 years old, he simply cannot be as agile and take as many risks as he could before. So WWE has to be careful if they intend to keep on using Mysterio.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer explained how Mysterio is being protected by WWE during live events, as they don’t demand much from Mysterio.

Here’s the thing, they’re picking their spots. When he works house shows, he works two-minute matches at house shows. They don’t tax him on house shows. They save it for when it matters and he’s not working a full schedule. He’s got a limited amount of dates.”

“It’s funny because when they were doing the negotiations with Rey they kept wanting him for more dates. I kept thinking, ‘God, if you’re smart you’ll want him for less dates because if you book him for more dates he’s just gonna get hurt and you want him for less dates.’ Rey knew they wanted him for less dates, but they didn’t figure it out until you know he basically made it clear that he’s working less dates whether you want him to or not.”

Rey Mysterio had a terrific match with Andrade on this week’s Smackdown Live, so he can display his in-ring prowess when the time calls for it. Hence it’s great that he is taking it easy during live events. After all, we want to see Mysterio compete as much as we can.

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