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How Seth Rollins’ injury changed plans for this week’s RAW

As reported earlier, Seth Rollins was not cleared to compete on this week’s Monday Night RAW. He missed the show and is said to be out of action for a month as he is suffering from a back injury. However, he will continue to appear to cut promos.

On the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer reports that due to the injury Rollins sustained WWE likely had to change up plans for this week’s episode of RAW. Here is what Meltzer said regarding the changes that were made.

“My impression was that they were gonna do McIntyre and Corbin against Strowman and Seth at the pay-per-view. Maybe the Kurt thing has to do with a replacement this week and set up whatever they were gonna do at the pay-per-view. Obviously, Seth wasn’t [able to work]. You know Kurt was there it was not a long-term storyline it was something added.”

We will keep you updated if we get to know more regarding Seth’s injury or any plans for Kurt Angle.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Meltzer has as much inside to the WWE as you and I. Which is he has nothing and we all know it.

  • CC

    How it changed the plans for RAW or how it changed the plans Meltzer “thinks” were gonna happen?

    Cannot blame Meltzer on this, his comment is pure speculation as he says “My impression” and “Maybe the Kurt thing” … At no point does he say any of this is facts, yet here we are with yet another headline reporting Meltzers “opinions” as fact.