How To Tell The Bella Twins Apart, Follow Trish Stratus On Twitter, Lilian Garcia, Meet Eve Torres

— The most recent issue of WWE Magazine has an interview with the Bella Twins answering questions on psychic links between twins, “the creepy girls” from The Shining, one day battling each other for a WWE championship, and more. When asked how people can tell them apart, they replied with the following.



“I have two beauty marks on my chest, and our faces are shaped differently,” Brie told WWE Magazine. “We joke that I have more of a banana head, and Nikki has an apple head. She has the bigger booty, too, which she’s proud of.”

Nikki added, “Oh, heck yeah! I carry way more curves than Brie. And I usually have a flower in my hair. I love celebrating my Mexican-Italian heritage, and a flower makes me feel Spanish…and pretty!”

— You can follow the official Twitter page of (official website of the multi-time WWE Women’s Champion) at the following link.

— Today is the last day to bid on former WWE Diva Lilian Garcia’s sexy “Santa” outfit, which she wore at last year’s Tribute to the Troops event. You can view the auction at the following link.

— R-Truth and Eve will be taking part in an autograph session this Saturday at the Time Warner Digital Store in San Antonio from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. The Time Warner Digital Store is located at the South Park Mall, 2310 SW Military Drive in San Antonio, Texas.

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