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How WWE is planning to book Rey Mysterio


When Rey Mysterio made his WWE return, there was a lot of hype behind his return and fans could not wait to see the wrestling veteran square off against some of the top competitors in the company. However, it did not go that way for Mysterio.

Dave Meltzer provided an explanation on Wrestling Observer Radio, that WWE’s plans for booking Rey Mysterio might be disappointing to fans. He said that the mentality in WWE is that since Rey Mysterio is 44 years old, his purpose in the company is to put over newer superstars.

That is a shame as Rey Mysterio is still one of the most talented superstars in the company and has the ability to put on excellent matches, as evident from his matches with Andrade.

Perhaps we might see a different booking for Mysterio eventually.

  • Dub Blue

    If I wanted to see the same finish to every match, I’d watch UFC, which is why I don’t watch UFC.

  • Dub Blue

    That answer is unacceptable. Even though it is scripted, it should be presented as real. Try again.

  • Soulshroude

    Anyone the script calls for. WHY? Wrestling is FAKE.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Who the hell watches wrestling for realism?

    If I wanted that, I’d just watch UFC.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Why is it a shame? Rey knows that he can help build new stars. He was doing the same in Lucha Underground too, and he had pretty solid creative control there. He also put over The Elite at All In, Bullet Club in NJPW, etc… He knows that he’s a good guy to be giving young guys like Andrade a chance to shine.

  • Dub Blue

    Tell me outside of Maverick and the Bollywood Boys who he can CREDIBLY beat on the roster.

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    I feel bad for Rey. I don’t see him as enhancement talent. I mean even a US Title run would be cool. I thought for sure he would have a feud/series with AJ Styles through Summerslam. Nothing against Ricochet but why not capitalize on Rey while he’s still popular.

  • CC

    It was no different to when Jericho returned last time. He was there to help get others over.
    Saying he still has the ability to put on excellent matches does not mean he has to win, ffs.
    What a ridiculous line to come up with.

  • Soulshroude

    He’s old and small. That’s your excuse? YOU’RE FIRED!!!

  • Dub Blue

    Rey shouldn’t be beating anybody in 2019, he’s old and small.

  • Dub Blue

    Unless it’s the Bollywood Boys or Drake Maverick, Rey shouldn’t be beating ANYONE on the WWE roster in 2019. He’s small and old. Those are the facts. In 2003, WWE was having old man flair cleanly beat Hurricane; that should not have happened. There comes a point where regardless of who you are, you are too old to credibly beat people clean.