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How WWE reacted to Lars Sullivan’s anxiety attack

Lars Sullivan

Lars Sullivan will be a force to be reckoned with in whichever brand he debuts in. He will be debuting anytime now. However, his debut was postponed this week as he had suffered an anxiety attack.

Anxiety attacks are very serious and it can happen to even the best of superstars. Lars was not used to being on RAW and the pressure got to him. He went back home to Colorado instead of working Smackdown Live as well. On Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez said that WWE is very understanding of his situation and is not holding it against Lars.

“I was told that the company was very understanding and accommodating and that’s all I know. So hopefully, everything works out for Lars and he shows up on Monday to start his main roster journey where he is scheduled to have a very big match at this year’s WrestleMania.”

Alverez noted he had no idea what kind of segment Lars was supposed to have on RAW and Smackdown. However, judging from how the shows are written, he assumed it would have been a dark match.

Hopefully, Lars gets better soon enough, as WWE has big plans for the superstar.

  • Kyle Abraham

    Here’s a problem, anxiety attacks are caused by a stressor and continue until you are away from the stressor. If Lars did have an anxiety attack on the main roster, it will happen again. Now, if it was a panic attack, those can happen to anyone at anytime with no stressor at all, as it is an intense feeling of fear or imminent danger that presents like a heart attack. The panic attack could be a one time thing, for Lars’ sake, I hope it’s not an anxiety attack, because it could easily end his career before it really begins.

  • Rinn13

    People should certainly be understanding of mental issues, but it’s also worth pointing out that pro wrestling, like most active career fields, is a “**** or get off the pot” kind of business. You get called up, when you’re probably far from ready, to be on one of the “big two” shows, and you freak and go home? That isn’t a good look, nor is it going to give you a very long wrestling career.

    “No showing” or taking off home because you’re not feeling it today, isn’t very smiled upon.

  • David Wells

    I’m not a fan of his but hopefully this doesn’t affect him in the future!

  • CC

    Like Ranallo, if he is prone to mental issues like this, he is going to struggle to stay in this business.
    Wrestling, and WWE especially, is one of the most high pressure jobs out there and that is never going to be a good thing for someone prone to mental issues.
    I hope for his sake this is a one off thing and not ongoing.