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How WWE’s decisions made Sasha Banks frustrated

Sasha Banks is currently unhappy with WWE and is trying to separate herself from the company. Fans were wondering how Sasha got so frustrated in the first place and how it reached this point.

On Wrestling Observer Radio Dave Meltzer talked about Banks’ situation in great detail. This was a slow and gradual process, but it reached a boiling point when WWE took the Women’s Tag Team Titles off of The Boss n Hug Connection.

“Sasha and Bayley I think in their minds they were like, ‘We’re gonna make these belts something.’ So the Sasha Banks thing — and a lot of people are gonna rip on her for this — but it reminds me so much whether it’s Bret or Ric Flair or you know any of the… I know so many people when it comes to the championships it’s like ‘oh it’s a prop and you take it too seriously,’ but that’s why it works.”

Dave noted that Sasha and Bayley were given the Women’s Tag Team Titles as the women’s division was dominated by Ronda Rousey as soon as she came in. Bayley and Sasha’s position in the company were less important, so they were given the titles as they were the biggest female superstars outside of the main event scene with Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, and Rousey.

“Whenever [Sasha Banks] wins a title they take it from her immediately, she never gets the long reign. Her and Bayley it was almost like when they created the tag team titles it was kinda like ‘we’ll give it to them because our top women are like Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and Ronda. Really when Ronda came it was like Ronda’s division and then Becky got over and before then it was sorta like Sasha and Charlotte who were the stars and Charlotte stayed up there, but Sasha didn’t.”

A few years ago Sasha Banks faced Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch at WrestleMania in Dallas, where Snoop Dogg sang her theme song. Now she lost the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles without getting to be a champion for long. This added to her frustration.

We will have to see if Sasha Banks decides to stay with the company or not.

  • Solid

    I believe he means WWE Champion. Booker T and Mark Henry only held the WHC, (which in WWE’s eyes has always been a lesser/”nothing” title since it was WCW’s belt)The Rock is technically half Samoan. (Though I agree he could/should be considered the first black WWE Champ, half black or not)

  • JAckh45

    If you generally believe your statement, you need help.
    The Rock
    Mark Henry
    Booker T
    I can go on…
    but yeah… okay… push your racist agenda.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    The thing about what Sami Zayan was saying had a lot of truth to it you have to admit.

  • oppa

    It took WWE this long to have a Black man as champion and you think that they pushed a woman who is considered to have 3 or the top 5 matches in WWE’s women’s history because of a rapper?

  • Keith Learmonth

    I doubt they’ll be that creative with it, but you never know.

    More likely, what I suspect they’re doing is trying to make it look like the dirt sheets are incompetent at reporting WWE “insider news”, so people stop taking them so seriously, and WWE can have some element of surprise again. Don’t know if it will work though.

  • lobsterball

    And then one day Sami Zayn comes with a pipedbomb of all the things they planted in the dirtsheets and how we ate it all up… amazing plot twist

  • Keith Learmonth

    I still have to question if this is just an angle. WWE’s been making efforts lately to deliberately “work” the dirt sheets.

    Like, we got multiple stories about how Rousey and her husband were legitimately angry with WWE and didn’t like being there… only to see Travis run to Bret Hart’s defense, and see Rousey all smiles during the HoF. WWE’s got a strategy going at the moment of deliberately feeding you guys false info. Vince probably sits there laughing about it when he sees it making headlines.

  • wwepassion

    Don’t be silly. She got her push because she is talented. Charlotte got if push because of her dad. WWE is obsessed with blondes and watered down Sasha because he didn’t want her outshining his favorites.

  • lobsterball

    Well she got her push because she’s Snoop’s cousin….

  • StocktonJoe

    Sasha Banks should be future endeavored. Bailey’s character could work, if she makes the transition from All-American goody-two-shoes sweetheart to crazy ass psycho b****. A character similar to Mickie James has character when she worked with Trish Stratus a number of years ago. A continuation of AJ Lee’s character.