Huge change in works for the Hell In A Cell structure

The Hell In A Cell has been one of the most demonic structures in the history of the company. With the battles to take place inside the structure not far away, the WWE posted a video showing the live construction of the structure which has brought everyone on their feet with a very noticeable change.



The trademark shiny cage is no more as it has been replaced with a bright red colour for this year’s event. With the colour of the Cell changed, it now truly feels like the “Satanic Structure”.

The revelation of the new structure alarmed Indie officials who did not seem to be pleased with the WWE’s new move. Here’s a tweet posted by Global Wrestling Network taking a shot at the WWE.

The Universal Title match and the clash between Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton are slated to take place inside the cell. Hell In A Cell will take place at the AT&T Centre in San Antonio, Texas.

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