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Huge name rumoured to replace Daniel Bryan as SmackDown GM

Daniel Bryan

We noted before how it was rumored recently that WWE was talking to Hulk Hogan about a possible return and the company later confirmed this news.

Since then people have been speculating on what the Officials have in mind for the former World Champion once he returns to the company for the first time since his firing in 2015.

One of the most interesting pieces of rumor coming from Cagesideseats says that Hogan could end up replacing Daniel Bryan as the General Manager for SmackDown Live.

Though even if the company is really planning to bring Hulk back, it’s likely that he will be brought back in a small role like for the induction of Hillbilly Jim and only announce a bigger role for him after seeing fan’s reaction.

Still, the possibility of Hogan returning to WWE TV on a regular basis is a big news but we’ll have to wait and see if things work out correctly for this to happen.

  • EVH

    Having Commissioners and GMs for both shows is ridiculous. I get it, it adds drama when both dont see eye to eye but 2 years into the idea we’ve only had one incident between GM and Comish on each show (Steph and Foley, DB and ShaneOMac)
    I guess you can count Steph and Angle but this was a compete set up for Ronda so it was more “forced” than anything.

    Id rather they have one Commish and one GM, each running a show.

  • Darrin Tyler

    ? How is this rumor even news?

  • CC

    Pure speculation considering the Mark Henry story.
    No way would they bring him back in such a high profile role.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    If Smackdown does get a new GM I think it would be William Regal.

  • Arnold Jackson

    I’m sure the New Day is thrilled with getting to work with a broken down racist old man every week.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    We’ll obviously… would you really want some bigot running around as GM representing the WWE?

  • rob

    OMG!!! he´s a racist and a bad person!!! call the cops!!

  • oppa

    Since Bryan isn’t going to wrestle every week, I’d rather him be a fighting GM than to see him as often as Brock shows up.