Hulk Hogan Accused Of Affair With Famous Singer

Vince Russo is a renowned name in the wrestling circuit. The former WWE writer has been in the news for claiming that he heard a rumor that Hulk Hogan dated Dolly Parton, but he couldn’t make the confirmed claim. So with that rumour not getting any base, let’s move ahead to someone whose words had some value.



Former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion and wrestling legend Magnum T.A. spoke about the payout discrepancies in the 80s. Talking about those days, Magnum said that when he made $900 for doing absolutely nothing, it felt like he had hit the lottery. $900 in the 80s is a big thing.

He praised Jimmy Crockett and Bill Watts, whom he worked with during his initial days. He praised how Hulk Hogan could sell out any arena unless it’s not the east or the west. Ric Flair is an excellent individual that is always ready to bring his stylin’ and profilin’ robe to the ring. The Nature Boy recently stepped between the ropes in what was called his last match between the ropes.

He teamed with his son-in-law and emerged victorious before thanking everyone for their support during his illustrious career. The NWA Worlds Championship legend said that Ric Flair is a giving guy, and he helps anyone and everyone he can in his way. Notably, the 16-time world champion drew an excellent number on all fronts.

While he stands retired, one needs to see if there’s any base to the proofless claims of Vince Russo. As for Magnum T.A.’s thoughts, you can visit the link below:

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